September is the start of Cold Weather and Yellow Jackets!

September is the start of Football, Labor Day festivities, School, and the high peak of Yellow Jackets. Yellow Jackets are notorious stinging insects that belong to the wasp family. They are identified by their black and yellow stripes and they are usually 1/2 inch in length. Yellow Jackets  protect their nests fiercely and these insects will sting at the slightest provocation. Reactions to the sting from yellow jackets can range from irritating welts to death. Since, September brings Yellow Jackets around more often than any insect here are some tips on controlling Yellow Jackets.

Tip and Prevention on Yellow Jackets

  • Keep Food (including pet food) and beverages covered when eating outdoors. Also, risen out any pop cans that may be going in your recycling bin.
  • Store waste in tightly sealed garbage cans
  • Frequently clean waste containers
  • Seal off openings in outside walls, play ground structures, fences, pipes, meters, boxes etc.
  • When going outdoors do not wear perfumes, lotions or other scents. Scents are an attraction for Yellow Jackets.

Yellow Jackets nests are hard to control and can be deadly. If you see that you have a Yellow Jacket Nest at your home or place of business call Arrow right away! 1-800-334-9955.


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